Agriturismo Tenuta Serpepe is situated in the center of "Tuscia", that magical triangle formed by Lazio, Umbria and Toscana, in the heart of Etruscan Civilization. It is 6 km from the shores of Lake Bolsena (island tours, and sparkling bathing waters) and 10 km from the ancient spa baths of Viterbo.

The farmhouse is situated within the confines of 200 hectares of biological agriculture. Over 600 sheep pasture in the surrounding fields and are milked daily. Guests of the agritourism are welcome to visit the stalls and watch at milking time. Wild pigs of the race "Cinta Senese" live in the surrounding woods and their meat is used to produce our exquisite biological pork products.



Always grow in soils with organic lentils, chickpeas, beans and spelt that we provide to our customers.
An excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced with olives from the ancient "Canino" trees growing in the olive grove; and the poultry and vegetable garden provide fresh organic eggs and vegetables. Guests can buy our biological products, cook them in the quiteness of their apartments and acquaint themselves with flavours long since forgotten.

As a guest of the Serpepe Farm, you have the opportunity to live immersed in nature in a quiet and peaceful setting, while experiencing healthy and simple country life. You can rediscover the values and traditions of life on a farm in close contact with the animals in an uncontaminated countryside.

What better way to observe a fascinating world so very different from city living.

Tuscia Viterbese

agriturismo serpepe